Our Story

In many organizations, there is a gap between potential and performance. Formal structures, competing priorities, hierarchies and cultures can create constraints that prevent people from being able to contribute everything they have to offer. As a result, there is wasted human talent and potential that, if harnessed, could help to solve even society’s most complex problems.

It was this realization that ignited the idea for Spare Parts & Gasoline for co-founders Shawn Mahoney and Safora Aziz, along with a deep curiosity about what would happen if we could lift people up, eliminate fear, remove traditional barriers and support them in reaching their full potential. Could we make work better while also solving tough business challenges for our clients?

That’s how Spare Parts & Gasoline (SP&G) was born. Safora and Shawn’s deep technology and innovation background combined with industry savvy provided a strong foundation for future growth. And they built on this foundation in late 2023, adding more talent to the roster as they started to gain momentum and expand their lines of business based on client and market needs.

Today we’re fuelled by the belief that work can be great and people have more to give when they are given room to grow. By building people up, being curious problem solvers, and taking on tough client problems with kindness, agility and tenacity, the Spare Parts & Gasoline team has now grown to six core consultants across four lines of business. We aspire to work with people to help them reach their full potential while unleashing the talent of our extended community to the benefit of our clients.

We’re not just a consultancy. We’re a movement. And if you’re likeminded, we hope you’ll become a part of our community.

Our purpose, values and mission are our north star, shaping how we work together and with our clients.

To make work better for all we encounter by lifting people up, building community and delivering impact.

People at our centre

Caring for ourselves, one another and our community while working with a focus on unleashing potential.

Integrity in our actions

Building trust with one another and clients through honesty and consistency.

Impactful in our work

Delivering outcomes that transform teams, functions and companies, making work better for all.

Our Team

Shawn Mahoney
Safora Aziz
Aarti Raman
Victoria Jaimes
Samantha Vollhoffer
Chief Marketing Officer

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Mason Sheppard
Business Analyst

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Julie Baron
VP, Strategy, Brand & Communications

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