Client Success Story:

Fabulous Feline Grooming

Startup & Small Business Support

Written by: Mason Sheppard, Business Analyst

“I knew what I wanted to do, but I never knew how to get there. The comprehensive path forward I got from SP&G gave me the freedom I needed to decide if I wanted to move forward with my idea and exactly how to do so.”

-Maria Drechsel, Lead Groomer & Owner at Fabulous Feline Grooming

At Spare Parts and Gasoline, we stand by our clients, offering them the support they need to make informed decisions about their ventures through our Business Viability Assessment. Take, for example, our collaboration with Fabulous Feline Grooming. We provided them with a comprehensive breakdown of our research, covering competitive analysis, market insights, financial considerations, alternative strategies, and our recommended path forward. Armed with this information, our client felt confident in moving forward with their  proposed business line. They have embraced our suggested approach and are actively implementing it as they launch their new venture.

To facilitate the decision-making process for Fabulous Feline Grooming, we utilized a structured framework focusing on product quality, market dynamics, and timing considerations.
1. Using a SWOT analysis, we assessed their business plan, its potential to address existing problems, and its overall viability.

2. We conducted market research which included a competitive analysis and allowed us to understand and convey the market characteristics, potential profitability, and how Fabulous Feline Grooming can position themselves against their competitors.

3. Ultimately, armed with our insights, we empowered our client to make an informed decision on the whether or not they should pursue their idea. Our recommended action plan instilled confidence and provided a clear strategy for the implementation of their new business line effectively.

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