Client Success Story:

Hawk & Squirrel Innovation

Startup & Small Business Support

Written by: Samantha Vollhoffer, Chief Marketing Officer

“The marketing assessment Spare Parts & Gasoline did for Hawk & Squirrel enabled us to make immediate improvements to our brand. In a short period of time, Spare Parts & Gasoline was able to research, assess and make actionable recommendations to increase Hawk & Squirrel’s visibility to potential clients.”

-Bradley Wamboldt, Principle Associate, Hawk & Squirrel Innovation

Spare Parts & Gasoline aims to make an impact fast, and our Marketing Assessment provided by our Start Up and Small Business Support line of service does just that. Our impact here went beyond the assessment, as Hawk & Squirrel Innovation successfully implemented the recommended strategies. The result was a notable increase in brand visibility and resonance. Hawk & Squirrel’s success story serves as a testament to the effectiveness of SpareParts & Gasoline’s tailored approach, aligning marketing strategies with the unique needs of a forward-thinking startup in the energy-transition sector.

In order to help Hawk & Squirrel fine-tune and elevate their Marketing strategies, we initiated the process by delving into Hawk & Squirrels business and utilizing the Business Model Canvas Framework. This approach facilitated a thorough examination of the company’s Market, Channels, Value Proposition, and Partnerships, establishing a solid foundation for the subsequent assessment. Next step was to utilize our in-house developed Marketing Maturity Assessment Framework, with this Spare Parts & Gasoline analyzed Hawk & Squirrel Innovation from the perspective of the 5P’s of Marketing. This innovative tool pinpointed specific areas within the organization that required focus, enabling the identification of growth opportunities. From social media management to client testimonials, Spare Parts & Gasoline crafted a holistic assessment that provided actionable tactics to elevate the Hawk & Squirrel brand.

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