Client Success Story:

Spare Parts & Gasoline

Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Written by: Samantha Vollhoffer, Chief Marketing Officer

“Samantha has brought deep expertise to the Spare Parts & Gasoline Team, by helping us understand more about the intricacies of Marketing. She helped us find our starting point – awareness – as well as building out our short and long term goals to success, we couldn’t be happier with the work done on the website. This is just the first step in growing the awareness of our brand.”

-Shawn Mahoney, CEO, Spare Parts & Gasoline

Marketing is a transformative function in a business that drives core outcomes. That is how Samantha approaches Marketing, and brought these ideas to the forefront with Spare Parts & Gasoline. This function not only helps internal audiences to understand their role in the business, but how inter-connected each function is. From the marketing funnel and service line descriptions, to customer personas and branding, these are milestones we drove the team to achieve by being agile in our approach and using tools and frameworks to understand the business. In the first 90 days of being the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for Spare Parts & Gasoline, Samantha not only brought new processes into place to bring more visibility across roles, she pushed the teams to define their lines of services, refine their target audience, and re-launch their website. By incrementally doing these things, the team learnt more about their business, their brand and their customers.

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